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The Lord's Day Sabbath

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The Christian Sabbath Is A Moral Law For the New Testament Christian

  Isaiah 58:13,14  “And call the Sabbath a delight, the holy day of the LORD honorable.”

There can be no permanent worship of God, and no permanent religion on earth, without a Sabbath, and hence it was, that while the observance of the feasts of tabernacles, and of the Passover, and of the new moons, made a part of the ceremonial law, the law respecting the sabbaths was incorporated with the ten commandments as of moral and perpetual obligation; and it will be literally true that all the race shall yet be brought to worship God on the return of that holy day.  It was instituted in paradise, and as one design of the plan of redemption is to bring man back to the state in which he was in paradise, so one effect of the true religion everywhere will be, and is, to make people reverence the Sabbath of the Lord. No man becomes truly pious who does not love the holy Sabbath.  No nation ever has been, or ever can be converted which will not, and which does not, love and observe that day.  Every successful effort to propagate the true religion is a successful effort to extend the practice of observing it; and just as certain as it is that Christianity will be spread around the world, so certain will it be that the Sabbath will be observed in all lands.

Albert Barnes

What is the Lord's Day - Westminster Confession of Faith - Chapter 21,Art.7

 As it is the law of nature, that, in general, a due proportion of time be set apart for the worship of God; so, in His Word, by a positive, moral, and perpetual commandment binding all men in all ages, He has particularly appointed one day in seven, for a Sabbath, to be kept holy unto Him (1) which, from the beginning of the world to the resurrection of Christ, was the last day of the week: and, from the resurrection of Christ, was changed into the first day of the week,(2) which, in Scripture, is called the Lord's Day,(3) and is to be continued to the end of the world, as the Christian Sabbath.(4)

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How is the Sabbath or the Lord's Day to be sanctified? - Westminster Larger Catechism Q&A 117

The sabbath or Lord’s day is to be sanctified by an holy resting all the day (1),  not only
from such works as are at all times sinful, but even from such worldly employments and
recreations as are on other days lawful;(2)  and making it our delight to spend the whole time
(except so much of it as is to be taken up in works of necessity and mercy(3) in the public
and private exercises of God’s worship:(4)  and, to that end, we are to prepare our hearts, and
with such foresight, diligence, and moderation, to dispose and seasonably dispatch our
worldly business, that we may be the more free and fit for the duties of that day.(5)

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