Ukraine Mission - Outreach To Reformed Churches in Ukraine

About Pastor Ken Sanders

Pastor Ken Sanders moved to Westmoreland, New Hampshire in 1988 and with his wife Debra and four children has lived and ministered in Cheshire County for over 25 years. Having graduated from Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1986 with a Masters in Divinity degree,  he was ordained as the pastor of the East Westmoreland Bible Church in 1988 by Classis Atlantic Northeast of the Christian Reformed Church. In 1989 the Bible Church was reorganized as the Westmoreland Christian Reformed Church but due to growing liberalism in the denomination, the Church voted in the early 1990's to become independent and was renamed the Reformed Bible Church.

Pastor Sanders has been privileged to begin mission works to the Ukraine in 2003 and has also travelled to and ministered in Belarus. This work has consisted of giving funds to the poor, organizing short term mission teams, teaching reformed theology to pastors, reaching out to orphanages, supporting church building projects and beginning a work project which employs men of the church. He  led a team to Belarus in the summer of 2011 in which they worked together with the Reformed Church in Minsk at a summer camp, reaching out to needy young boys and orphans. In 2013, working with the pastor of the Chernyakhov Reformed Baptist Church, a church building project was begun.  The church building project which converted a 100 year old German build granary into a three story church building was completed in 2016.  This new church building now serves as the venue for a semi-annual Reformed pastors conference.  The building on the second floor has accommodations for up to 10 men who travel to attend the conferences. He continues to make quarterly visits to the Zhytomyr region with the goal of supporting pastors, distributing finances to poor brethren, bringing good used American shoes and medicine for the churches, planning employment projects and conducting pastors conferences. 

Visitors are welcome

Those who are visiting the Cheshire County area of New Hampshire on the Lord's Day,  are invited to a time of  worship and fellowship in the evening.  We look forward to meeting you!  For more information, please contact Pastor Ken Sanders at 603-313-9408.

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