Ukraine Mission - Outreach To Reformed Churches in Ukraine

October 2019 Pastors Conference - Chernyakhiv, Ukraine

This year's pastors conference was a blessing from God as there were 18 men in attendance and the speakers brought out 3 very helpful subjects from God's Word.  The subjects were the doctrine of Christian Assurance, Original  and Actual Sin and Predestination.  The unique part of this pastors conference is that the speakers teach Reformed theology to the pastors and men in Ukraine and strive to provide important details from the. Confession of Faith so that they are equipped to contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

 Financial aid is very 
important for the pastors and families of the churches of Ukraine as the poverty level is tragic.  But also, as we see in North America so many churches and pastors who either do not emphasize or encourage sound theological and doctrinal understanding in their pulpits, it is a blessing that the men who attend this conference are hungry for sound biblical doctrinal teaching.  The Reformed Confessions, God willing, will continue to have a central teaching role at this conference.

The Question and Answer sessions after each presentation were again excellent and lively.  It was clear that one pastor who has attended for several years was genuinely striving to understand whether or not a true believer can lose their salvation.  There are several  verses in God's Word that seem to teach that a believer can lose their salvation.  However, the overarching theme of Scripture teaches that the Triune God begins, carries on and completes this merciful work.  "Being confident of this very thing, that he which begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ" (Phil. 1:6)

Without a distinct theological view that is gathered from the overall scope of God's Word, one passage will lead in one direction and another will appear to lead in another direction!  So many pastors and churches are being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine because they have not adopted a sound Reformed Confession of Faith which states clearly and beautifully the leading doctrines which are taught in the Old and New Testament.  Congregations and believers deserve to have their pastors teach them the whole counsel fo God that they might grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

God willing, we are planning another pastors conference for May/June 2020.  It is our hope that a representative from. Come Over and Help (COAH) will be presenting a few sessions to the men.  

Again, let me thank all those who have faithfully given finances to help us continue this pastors conference year by year.  We look back on 5 years of God's faithfulness and look forward to what He may do in the days and years to come!

In our Savior Jesus Christ,

Ken Sanders

More Than Conquerers, by William Hendriksen (In Belarussian language) is distributed

Ken Sanders - Westmoreland, New Hampshire

Georgi Viazovsky - Minsk, Belarus

Chernyakhiv, Ukraine Church Building - Conference is held here

November 2018 Chernyakhiv, Ukraine Pastors Conference

It was a privilege to participate again in the pastors conference in Chernyakhiv Ukraine and to see the thankfulness and hunger of the pastors and men who faithfully gather year by year at this conference. 

The conference began in 2012 with 4 or 5 pastors meeting in one of the pastors apartments in Zhytomyr, Ukraine with one pastor giving a lesson from the the Reformed doctrine, followed by a time of prayer.

Today, by God’s providence, the conference has been meeting two times a year in a new church building in Chernyakhiv and our gatherings have been around 20 pastors, deacons and interested men. We normally have a few pastors from Belarus, others from the Zhytomyr region and some have attended from western Ukraine, Rivne region. Every conference we see a few new faces and it is our desire to invite a wider circle of men in the coming years!   The conference is now a two day conference with either one or two speakers, sometimes three.   During the two days, the men share three or four meals together, enjoy ample time for fellowship, listen to 5 or 6 teaching sessions, and have the opportunity to ask questions in a Q and A sessions following each teaching session.  From time to time, we provide a time for pastors to share prayer requests from their local congregations and have a time of prayer for each one. We have also provided rooms on the second floor for traveling pastors and men to stay in.

It has been our goal at each conference to place an emphasis on teaching from the Reformed Confessions - Westminster, Belgic, Heidelberg Catechism, 1689 London Baptist Confession.  The men are hungry for this Reformed teaching and practical application and as God wills, we desire to continue this emphasis at  these conferences in the years to come.  It is our conviction that the pastors, who often have little or no teaching in the Reformed faith, will grow strong in this area.  We also desire that the knowledge would not be merely intellectual but very practical in their churches and lives.   At this past conference in November 2018, Georgi Viazovsky taught 3 sessions on Creation/Evolution and  Ken Sanders taught on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.   Past subjects have included - Election, Worship, Sabbath Day, 500 year history of Ukrainian/Belarusian Bible, the doctrine of Good Works, Justification by Faith, and several others. It is our prayer that God will bring more men to this conference and that the love of the Reformed faith will grow in this region of Ukraine.  Other pastors have also participated in the teaching on the conference both from the USA and from Eastern Europe.  We look forward to having other men participate in this teaching part of the conference as God provides. 

God’s providence has faithfully provided excellent translators for our conference and this past conference we had a new translator whose father is a pastor in Zhytomyr region and she did an excellent job!  We are grateful for this provision, as our former translator moved out of the country and we were in great need of a new translator even two weeks before the beginning of the conference in November!  The Lord is faithful.

We were also able to deliver a full suitcase of medicine which was distributed to 3 churches in the Zhytomyr region.  This has become an annual practice and very much appreciated by the brethren, especially the mothers who really appreciate our over the counter cough and cold medicine for children!

We thank all who have supported us with prayer, love and support!  May God continue to do His work, for His glory in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine and beyond, as He guides and leads.

Photos from November 2018 

2018  November 1 and 2  - Pastors Conference

After more than 1 year, we praise and thank God from whom all blessings flow, that a Pastors Conference is planned for November 1 and 2, 2018 in Chernyakhiv, Ukraine.

Pastors Georgi Viazovsky, from Minsk,  Belarus, and Ken Sanders, from New Hampshire, USA, will be conducting 6 sessions on the subjects of Creation/Evolution and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, respectively.

Pastors from Ukraine and Belarus will be in attendance, as well as deacons and men from the churches. 

Support for this conference has been generously given from a church and a couple individuals.  We thank them for their love, prayers and support!

After the conference, stories and update will be posted here on this website! 


August 2017 Pastors Conference - Chernyakhiv Church

  We give thanks to God for another pastors/mens conference which was held August 24-25, 2017.   A few of the pastors brought their sons to the entire conference and we had some other new men this session.  Others desired to attend but were not able.

Vadim Chepurny,  Kenneth Sanders and Georgi Viazovsky ministered to the men on three Reformed subjects:  Original Sin,  The Christian Sabbath Day and the 500 year history of the Belarussian/ Ukrainian Bible.

Georgi Viazovsky and Vladimir Bukanov again made the 500 kilometer drive from Minsk, Belarus to again participate in the conference!

The Reformed Church in Chernyakhiv gathered on the Lord's Day for worship and we give thanks to God for some recent additions to the membership of the church.

Thank you very much to all who graciously gave financially to support this pastors conference in Ukraine!  Your generous giving brings glory to God and helps our like minded brethren, encouraging them and meeting real financial needs.

If God wills, we want to continue our bi-anual pastors/mens conference in western Ukraine.    There is a true love of and commitment to the reformed understanding of Scripture among  many pastors and men who attend.  There are many temptations for them to compromise doctrinal views by other churches around them that emphasize charismatic views of worship, dispensational views of the Christian Sabbath Day and loose evangelical views of church membership and church discipline. Some minister in very small congregations and have been serving their sovereign Lord for over a decade, preaching  and serving the Lord year in and year out.  These gatherings of pastors are the only time they meet with fellow reformed pastors, and receive "live" teaching from the reformed confessions.

Please pray,  that if it is God's will, He will continue to send pastors from the USA and other places who are willing to sacrifice in order  to teach the men.


February 2017 Pastors Conference - Chernyakhiv Church

We give thanks to God that the 2 day conference last week was a blessing to all who attended.  Pastor Georgi at the last minute was not able to attend and speak at the conference due to the flu.  His son, Pastor Slava, agreed to take on the extra session and led us in 3 excellent teachings on Christ: Prophet, Priest and King.  Pastor Ken continued bringing forth truths out of the Reformed Confessions, teaching the Doctrine of Good Works.  We welcomed some new men to the conference this time.  3 men travelled from western Ukraine and also we had a few new men from Zhytomyr, a near by city.  These men, many of whom have pastored for many years and  who labor in small churches, and who either love the Reformed faith or are coming to understand it, are clearly encouraged by these gatherings.  We have been able to hold pastors conferences twice a year and if God wills and finances are available, we will continue to serve our worthy Savior and God in this work.

ANNOUNCEMENT:    Upcoming Pastors Conference February 23, 24, 2017

We are thankful to announce that God has opened the door for another pastors conference on February 23 and 24, 2017 in Chernyakhiv, Ukraine.

Pastors Georgi Viazovski (Minsk, Belarus), Slava Viazovski (Minsk, Belarus) and Ken Sanders (New Hampshire) are scheduled to speak at the conference.  The goal of the conference continues to be to teach doctrinal and practical lessons from the Reformed Confessions. Question and Answer times have been very productive and will  follow each presentation! 

Pastor Slava Viazovski will be teaching on the 3 offices of Christ.  His recent translation work includes Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology from English to Russian.

We have had the privilege of distributing Berkhof to most of the men attending the 2 conferences last year.

For more information, please email Pastor Ken Sanders


Pastors and Men from Conference on  September 20-21, 2016 

Dear Friends, 

Here is a brief report on the September 2016 Ukraine trip and pastors conference.  I returned two weeks ago from the pastors conference that could not have gone better!  Each pastor who spoke in the sessions gave a solid and thoughtful presentation and the question and answer periods after were very busy and popular.   They showed that the men are growing in their doctrinal knowledge of God’s Word and the confessions.  

Each pastor gave a brief description of their church and some relevant prayer requests.  It is truly amazing how these reformed pastors so faithfully preach and serve the Lord sometimes 

in very small and remote villages for decades and with such little finances.  It’s no wonder they love these pastors conferences as a source of encouragement and support!

We had a slightly better attendance at the conference of 22 men, coming from Belarus and Ukraine. A few men do not appear on the photo above.  About half were pastors and the other half deacons or interested men in the churches. 

The whole group is hungry for the teaching of God’s Word and the further understanding of the Reformed faith and the biblical practice of church government.

We rejoice that 5 more copies of L. Berkhof’s Systematic Theology in Russian were distributed and 10 copies of J.I. Packer’s Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God in Russian as well!

One man who has attended the last few conferences confessed to some of us that God has opened his eyes and understanding especially through the classes on the Doctrine of Election, to now embrace the Sovereignty of God in salvation!  This man lives in  a local village in the Zhytomyr region and attends a church without a pastor.  So, this man has been faithfully reading to the congregation week by week sections from J.C. Ryle's New Testament Commentaries which have been translated into the Russian!   May God open many more hearts and minds to this wonderful biblical truths!

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Ken Sanders

Pastor Anatoly Buynovsky spoke  about his 1 and 1/2  years serving in the Ukrainian army as they fought against the pro- Russian rebels.  Originally, they ordered him to be a tank driver, but through a kind providence of God, he was reassigned to be a petrol driver which kept him well back from the front lines.

He spoke about how his fellow soldiers were more open to the gospel when there was more intense fighting, and missiles and gun fire.  When calm returned, the men seemed less interested.  Though the Ukrainian army has no official evangelical chaplains, the men loved Pastor Anatoly and looked to him as their chaplain.  When it came time for him to return home, they did not want him to leave but felt they were safer with him in their ranks.   

Enjoying a delicious Ukrainian lunch together between sessions!

Pastor Nicolai (left) and Pastor Yuri (right) gave reports about their churches and prayer needs.

Pastor Georgi delivers 2 sessions on "Romans 8:28 and the Church"

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, August 26, 2016

I am sending out this prayer letter for the upcoming Pastors Conference in Chernyakhiv, Ukraine.

God willing, a two day conference is planned for September 20 and 21.  The speakers will be Pastor Georgi Viazovsky(Belarus),   Pastor Anatoly Buynovsky (Ukraine)  and Pastor Ken Sanders (USA).  Pastor Georgi will be teaching on the Scriptural and Practical  Importance of Church Membership.  Pastor Anatoly will bring one session on his Christian and Pastoral Observations Regarding the War between Ukraine and Pro-Russian forces.  He recently returned home from a one year deployment.  Pastor Ken plans to teach on the Doctrine of Election from the Reformed Confessions.

This past January’s conference was well attended.   As new men are being invited to this conference,  we hope to have a broader reach into western Ukraine and Belarus and that like-minded men might be able to gather and find encouragement.

At the January 2016 conference, the men showed a hunger for God’s Word and Reformed doctrine and the Q & A sessions were filled with many questions and good discussions!  Many men received a copy of the recent translation into Russian of Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology.   We hope to have a book table at the conference provided by the pastors who serve God in Minsk, Belarus.  

We are thankful to God for supplying finances to sponsor this upcoming conference and would request your sincere prayers for God’s blessing upon those who teach, on all the travel involved and on the genuine spiritual and doctrinal growth of the men and the churches they represent.

We look forward to sending out an update on the results of the conference in October!

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Ken Sanders

(Questions about the conference, Accommodations, Information -

Pastor Anatoly Is Home From The War!

We rejoice with Pastor Anatoly, his family and church as our brother returned home from his service in the Ukrainian army this past week(July 13, 2016)!  Yes, he is home for good having served over a year in the Ukrainian army as it has sought to defend Ukraine against the pro Russian rebels.  Please pray for him as he seeks to adjust again to "normal" life and that this  time spent serving in the army and evangelizing many soldiers will reap fruit unto eternal life in many lives.


September -  2016 Pastors Conference

A pastors conference has been planned for the last week of September in Chernyakhiv, Ukraine.  All pastors and men in the churches are invited to attend.  Overnight accommodations are available at the church building.  One of the topics will be the "Doctrine of Election".  The study will follow the important Scripture passages as well as the Reformed Confessions.   The last conference in January was well attended and all who attended were profited by the teaching and enjoyed the fellowship.  Assistance with travel expenses will be available at the conference.  All are welcome and there is no registration fee.  The exact two days of the conference will be posted soon.  If you are planning to attend, please send an email notification so we can plan accommodations:


Pastors Conference - January 2016

Chernyakhiv Pastors Conference - January 8, 9 2016

Pastors Conference Update - January 2016

The pastors conference in Chernyakhiv Ukraine on January 8 and 9 was not only well attended by 20 men but the 6 sessions were a blessing to the men who came from Ukraine and Belarus.   Pastor John Price taught from Acts 20 and he spoke on the  encouragements and warnings which the apostle Paul gave to the Ephesian elders.  Pastor Ken Sanders taught the Reformed doctrine of Justification by faith, using the Reformed confessions and Louis Berkof’s Systematic Theology.  The sessions were a good balance between practical and theological.   Louis Berkhof’s  Systematic Theology has recently been translated into the Russian language and 6 men signed up for a copy.  A gift from a sister in Christ in the USA paid for these books and they are being sent from Belarus to Chernyakhiv by mail service as I write this update.   The men who attended strongly desire another conference this year and there are hopes of inviting a wider group of pastors and men in the Ukraine to the next meeting.  God has very graciously opened this door of ministry to build up Reformed churches and pastors in western Ukraine and we would invite you to pray for and support this work.

Summer Team Trip

 God willing, we hope to have a team trip this summer in late June/early July and another two day pastors conference at that same time.  We especially would like many young people to attend the summer team trip.   It’s an important and unique experience to work along side a Reformed church in the former Soviet Union. They will also get to know brothers and sisters who live in poor conditions and have the opportunity to minister the love of Christ.  Also, those who attend will acquire a life changing perspective on Western culture. Those who desire to attend are welcome to contact us to find out more details.

Donation of Shoes

We also had the privilege of bringing 85 pairs of good used winter shoes for the families of the church. This was such a great idea and met a basic need that we plan to bring shoes over again this summer. The families of the church had a wonderful time trying on the shoes and finding pairs for their children. The shoes available in Ukraine are either very expensive or of such poor quality that they fall apart before long.  Someone said to me, “Thank you for bringing us American shoes! We know that they will last for generations!”  Everyone went away with either one or two pairs of shoes and there were  21 pairs left over.   These became gifts for visitors or neighbors!


Pastor Ken Sanders

For more information on the summer team trip, please email Ken Sanders at  or call  603-313-9408

Pastor John Price - teaching a session

The ladies of the church provided wonderful lunches

Gifts of shoes


Dear friends and supporters of the work in Ukraine,                     January 4, 2016

Greetings in name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am writing to let you know that a pastors conference has been planned for January 8 and 9, 2016 at the new church building in  Chernyakhiv,  Ukraine.

Pastor John Price, of Rochester, NY and I will be traveling to Ukraine on January 5 and will be giving a total of six messages to a number of pastors, deacons and interested men from Ukraine and Belarus.    We look forward to teaching them from the Reformed confessions as well as practical messages of encouragement.

Last spring 12 men attended and we have already received word that some new men are planning to attend from both Belarus and Ukraine.

The Lord in His providence has given us a wonderful opportunity to use the new church building for this purpose.  The pastors who will come from a distance will have accommodations on the second floor of the church building!  Pastor John and I will also be staying there.

There will be a book table on the conference. Recently, Pastor Slava Viazovsky, of Minsk, Belarus completed the translation of Berkhof's Systematic Theology from English into Russian.

Please pray for this conference on January 8 and 9, 2016.  These brothers in Eastern Europe have faith in Christ and are hungry for reformed theology, and practical ministerial teaching.

Also, I am asking for financial support for this conference.  John and I will be covering our own travel expenses.  However, we would like to help these brothers with their travel expenses.  Also, since the economic conditions are very poor due to the war in Eastern Ukraine, we want to give them some personal and church support.   It has been a delight in my many trips over the past years to give pastors and  families  assistance.

Thank you again for your past support of these like minded brethren.  I plan to post on our website a full report and pictures of the conference by mid January.

Sincerely in our Savior,

Pastor Ken Sanders

33 Capron Road

Westmoreland, NH 03467        cell:  603-313-9408

October 2015 Ukraine Reformed Churches Update

Ivan (John) and Rostic take their turn on Saturday morning handing out gospel tracts and speaking with people in a downtown area of Chernyakhiv.

I returned to the United States two weeks ago from a very encouraging visit with the brethren in the Zhitomyr region of the Ukraine.  There are three reformed churches whose pastors I regularly visit - Pastor Yuri, Pastor Nicolai and Pastor Anatoly.   They have been preaching and teaching the doctrines of grace and the reformed faith for over ten years in their respective churches in the villages of Vilsk, Gorodische and Chernyakhiv.    These pastors and churches need our prayers and financial support.   The churches in Vilsk and Gorodische are both located in very small villages and though the pastors have been faithfully preaching, serving the Lord's Supper and overseeing the churches, there has been little growth and many discouragements.  As we have not been able to have a pastor's class for about a half a year, Pastor  Yuri and Pastor Nicolai both asked me when another class will be taught.  God willing, in January or February, another pastor's class can be held. Perhaps, God will supply another reformed pastor to join me on that winter trip to help teach the men.  Our last class , held in March 2015, was attended by 7 pastors and a total of 13 men, including two pastors from Minsk Belarus.  

Sunday morning worship service at Chernyakhiv Reformed Church.   

  The church in Chernyakhiv is growing and recently there was the addition of 5 new members.   There are also some new families and singles attending on the Lord's Day.   There is sincerity, earnestnesss, joy  and unity in the church.  The congregation is very thankful for all the support and prayer and financial assistance which have been been given by some brothers and sisters in Christ. Two deacons of the church - Sasha and Andre - are leading the preaching while Pastor Anatoly is away serving his country in the Ukrainian army.  Pastor Anatoly was able to come home while I was visiting two weeks ago.  He needed to travel 1000 kilometers from Mariupol in a 40 year old Russia car which was literally falling apart.  It took him and two other soldiers 24 hours to reach home. He was able to spend three days at home, preaching once on the Lord's Day morning and spending time with the congregation and his family.  He has 6 months more to serve.  He is also serving unofficially as an evangelical chaplain  witnessing to soldiers and seeking to comfort them in their fears, while repairing tanks and trucks and driving a petrol truck all over South Eastern Ukraine. 

Pastor Anatoly, Masha, Angelina, Pasha and Natasha - Anatoly is home for three days visiting with his family and church

Thursday night Bible Study held at the church building. Sasha leads the study.

Work is progressing on the exterior of the building. The men of the church who have done all the work, including the welding of this beautiful fence by Pastor Anatoly, devote a great amount of time to building the church building. 

40 year old Russian car Pastor Anatoly borrowed to drive home 1000 kilometers to visit family

English Class sings "Amazing Grace" on the Lord's Day

Pastor Anatoly reads Scripture on the Lord's Day


Chernyakhiv  Ukraine Church Building Project   -  JUNE 2015

The work on the outside walls  of the church building has just begun two weeks ago.  Materials and tools were purchased and the brethren are eagerly beginning the cement finish on the outside walls.  The first layer is thrown on by a trowel or scoop to build up the irregularities in the stone work.  Then , a finish coat is put on and leveled.  Once dried, paint will be applied at a future time.

Medical Clinic -  A One Day Medical Clinic In Chernyakhiv, Ukraine

We give thanks to God that a team of American doctors and nurses came to Chernyakhiv Reformed Church the second week of June to conduct a one day clinic.  Pastor Sanders had attempted to bring a medical team this summer but according to God's providence, the doors were closed.  Amazingly, he received a Skype from the pastors' family that an American medical team was going to be in Ukraine the second week of June and desired to come to Chernyakhiv for a one day medical clinic!  God had mercifully answered our prayers in a way we did not at all expect.  It was a joy to meet Dr. Scot and Dr. Jane and their team as they were able to minister to more than 25 men, women and children in the new church building and assist some with their physical problems.

Pastor Anatoly and family   JUNE 2015


Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ,

The events of Ukraine are no longer making headline news in the United States but the tensions continue with pro – Russian rebels in the eastern part of Ukraine.  This has had a direct effect upon the Reformed Church in Chernyakhov.   Pastor Anatoly had been called up to serve in the military and earlier this year, we were uncertain if his deployment would happen.  However, only a month ago he was  deployed and has been training  to serve in the Ukrainian army.  He left for central Ukraine to receive tank training and  he will be deployed to serve his country in the eastern war torn region.


He was recently home for one day visiting his family and  will then return to his unit near Kiev.  Due to his previous service and his training as a tank mechanic, he was included in the recent waves of army reservists.  Pastor Anatoly goes to serve willingly.  He not only desires to support his country in this war for freedom but he believes he has a special role as the Lord has put it on his heart to preach to the soldiers and give counsel as often as he has opportunity.   He has already been able to speak to dozens of men and some already consider him to be a chaplain.  In a predominantly Orthodox country, it is rare to have an evangelical pastor  and especially a reformed pastor serving alongside the rank and file soldiers.

I was able to speak to Pastor Anatoly by way of Skype and a translator  on his one day visit home and when he is deployed to the eastern region all communication will be limited with his family and church due to security.  He requests prayer for safety – for a soon return to his family and church – but also for many opportunities to preach the gospel and to minister to fellow soldiers.  He hopes to bring comfort and the message of Christ’s death and repentance of sin to any one who will listen.  He has already been able bring about 30 small New Testaments and distribute them. 

God willing, I will be traveling to Ukraine in early June to preach at the morning worship service, meet with the deacons,  examine the needs of the church and to work a couple days on the exterior of the church building w  ith the brethren.   As there was not enough interest to form a team trip this summer, I hope  with God’s blessing to bring a team the summer of 2016.


Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Ken Sanders


Please pray for …

  1.  The reformed church in Chernyakhov as the two deacons, Andrie and Sasha, carry on the work. Pray for the men who preach week by week.

       2. The family of Pastor Anatoly – his wife  and their children  – they miss their husband and
           father and have now said goodbye to him again for an uncertain future in eastern region of Donetsk,  Ukraine.

      3.Pastor Anatoly -  he (most likely) will be driving a tank and will also be responsible for repairing the tank -  I asked him if I   
     can bring him anything from the USA when I come next month  and to my surprise he asked for  metric wrenches to repair the
     tank.  The army has a very short supply.

      4.Pray for my visit in June– that  I may be able to encourage the church – as I meet with the deacons – as I have an
      opportunity to preach on the Lord’s Day (June 14) – as I hope to distribute much needed finances -  and as I assist the men with
      the continuing work on the outside of the church building.



Chernyakhov , UA Building Project

CHURCH BUILDLING    The work on the building project has continued.  There is more work on the outside of the building which is planned for this summer.  If a team from the USA visits this summer, part of their work will be on the outside walls of the church building.  There have been a good number of visitors to the church services on the Lord's Day. Also, a youth meeting on Saturday nights at the building has drawn a number of young people from the village.    The church in Chernyakov, Ukraine prays that God will begin a work of grace in the hearts of those who see this beautiful building and out of curiosity come and visit.   Recently, the church ordained two deacons, Sasha and Andrei.   Pastor Anatoly is still scheduled to serve in the army but presently he is still waiting and has not received news.  There is a fragile peace in the East at the present and the hope and prayers of many is that the fighting and loss of life will be over.   The economy is suffering greatly.  The currency UAH has lost 70% of its value over the past year and the prices of food and other goods are soaring.    Please remember these brethren in your prayers and donations.

PASTORS CLASS     The pastors class was a blessing. Pastors, deacons, and interested men attended.  The Reformed Confessions were opened up and explained.  This time we considered the article on the Providence of God.   There was significant response including positive questions from one visiting pastor and one man of the church expressed great interest in studying the rest of the Reformed confessions.   It is our hope and prayer that this quarterly meeting can continue and grow, if it is God's will.

MEDICINE:  The medical needs of Ukrainians is great.  Ukraine has one of the worst health systems in Europe and many people are afraid to go to the doctor or the hospital as misdiagnosis is common due to poorly trained professionals in the government institutions.  Private doctors and hospitals are available in some regions but are expensive.  Common cough medicines, antibiotic creams, vitamins and other helps that can be easily purchased in USA are greatly appreciated by the churches and pastors! 

AMERICAN DOCTOR NEEDED!  We are praying that God will put it on the heart of a doctor in one of the churches in the  USA to travel this summer on our next trip and conduct a one week clinic at the church building.  So many of the health problems which our brethren face and become insurmountable could be helped by early diagnosis!  If you are a physician or know of a physician who would desire to travel this summer to do this work, please contact  Ken Sanders 603-313-9408  or email  :


Pastor Nicolai and his wife Luda

Pastor Nicolai and Luda  - NEW UPDATE  - January 2015

   After repeated testing, and a biopsy of the thyroid,  the results found several 
growths.  The doctors which are caring for Luda are split in their advice. Some 
say that she should immediately have surgery.  Others think that further testing
is needed.  Either way, please pray for this pastor and his wife and family as
they deal with this added stress.  Also, the health care system available to
most Ukrainians is poor compared to the West.

Nicolai and Luda stand in need of financial assistance if they are to go forward 
with surgery.

Pastor Nicolai has been preaching
the gospel in a small reformed church in Goradische, a small
Chernobyl-relocation village, for 10 years.

Also,  Luda suffers from both Kidney stones and Gallbladder stones. 
Treatment for her Gallbladder is planned.  After  receiving back
diagnosis for Thyroid, they hope to seek medical treatment.  Finances
will be needed to help them.



        The church members and pastor continue to work on many areas of the building project as finances for the project have continued to be given generously by supporters!     The cold weather has not stopped the brethren from finishing up a few things outside and turning their efforts to the inside work.  Worship services continue to be held each Lord's Day and visitors from the village have been coming to hear about the grace of God to sinners freely offered through the merits of Jesus Christ.

Landscaping and preparation of church building grounds

Building and Installation of Fence

Work continues on bathrooms/ kitchen


August/September  2014

Chernyakhov Reformed Church Meets In New Building

The recent trip to Zhytomyr region of Ukraine was a blessing.  I was privileged to be a part of the first worship service in the new building of the Chernyakhov Reformed Church.  Many visitors came on the first service and some brought greetings from other churches.  Two sermons were preached.  The first focused on "Serving Christ" and the second on "Three Things the Bible says about War".  

 Also,   it was good to visit Pastor Yuri and Pastor Nicolai in their homes and to find out their needs and the state of their churches.  Pastor Nicolai and his wife Luda have an important medical need at this time as Luda has developed a serious lump in her Thyroid area.    Finances were given to her to have a comprehensive series of tests and we are waiting now to hear the results.   If the tests prove positive, finances and support will need to be given to help the pastor and his wife pay for surgery and necessary treatments.  They are praying and trusting in God for His mercy and help.  

One of the most important prayer requests that the brethren shared was for the Ukraine as a country in light of the invasion of Russian army to support the rebellion in the East.  Several of the young men of the churches as well as Pastor Anatoly could potentially be called up to serve in the army if the cease fire fails and the conflict again begins.

We praise God for the generous giving of brethren to this point in the building project.  As the war has come into the country, prices of goods have risen and the currency has dropped.  In light of these economic factors,  additional finances will be needed.   The sanctuary, fellowship room, kitchen cabinets, staircases, second floor rooms and Sunday School room, outhouse and veranda have all been completed.  Also, chairs and tables have been purchased. 

 Pastor Anatoly and I are requesting additional support for:  1. The completion of the fence around the property  2.  The completion of the outside walls of the church building  3.  The purchase of some kitchen appliances  4.  The finishing of the indoor bathroom facility on the second floor. 

We give thanks to God that the reformed church in Chernyakhov , Ukraine is now meeting in their new building each Lord's Day, and that the gospel preaching now has a visible place in the center of this village of 30,000 people.  May God be worshiped, and glorified there and may God continue to put it in the hearts of many in the United States as well as other countries to come along side our  brethren with fellowship, love and finances.

Sincerely,   Pastor Ken Sanders     September 20, 2014

Please enjoy the video tour of the first floor sanctuary and other new pictures!


Touring Inside Of First Floor

Preaching -         Pastor Buynovsky        Pastor Sanders            Translator  Iryna

   Veranda Entrance Staircase To Second Floor

Fellowship Room - Kitchen View Of Sanctuary

Pastors' Class In New Building -  Chernyakhov, Ukraine

Pastor Nicolai and Luda  -  Please pray for Luda                                     Pastor Yuri and Larisa and children
as they await tests on a large growth in her thyroid
area.  She also has some other medical problems.
They were willing to trust God for his help as they
had no finances for hospital care or surgery.  Finances have been
given to them for testing but more will be needed in the coming 
days once a diagnosis has been given.  This pastor has been 
preaching the gospel in the small reformed church in Goradishce,
a small Chernobyl-relocation village,  for 10 years.

Update  -  I received a letter from Pastor Nicolai on Sept. 25. They
have found a cyst 4 cm in his wife Luda's thyroid area.  They are 
waiting further test results to come the week of Sept. 29.  Also, 
Luda suffers from both Kidney stones and Gallbladder stones. 
Treatment for her Gallbladder is planned.  After  receiving back
diagnosis for Thyroid, they hope to seek medical treatment.  Finances
will be needed to help them.


New Pictures Of Chernyakhov, Ukraine Church Building (07-13-14)


Sunday School Classroom

Staircase to second floor

July 2014

National events in the Ukraine are changing daily. Tensions in Eastern Ukraine and the continued loss of life are a cause for sadness.  The election of a new president Petro Poroshenko offers hope to many.   The signing of an association agreement with the European Union is sure to change the economic landscape. 

Amidst all these changes, the Reformed church in Chernyakhov, located two hours west of Kiev, continues to preach the gospel of grace for sinners and continues to build a new church building near the center of their village.

Everyone in the church, pictured below, works on the building.  Recently, the walls of the downstairs sanctuary were finished, as well as some upstairs walls.  Also,  tile was purchased for the first floor.    Soon, the fence will begin to be installed, starting at the front of the property.   As most in the church also raise their own vegetables for winter storage, it is a very busy time of year.   Still, the members and friends of the church are devoted to the work.  The church continues to praise God for the finances which have been given to purchase materials.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Anatoly as he preaches, oversees the flock and takes a leading role in the renovation of the building.  

Pray for a couple new young people who have been visiting on the Lord's Day morning.

Pray for God's timing for a mission team to travel to Ukraine and offer help and enjoy fellowship with the church

Pray for the nation that wars and tensions may cease and that a new, economically good direction may begin through the work of the president and legislature.

May  2014

Church Family

Church Building Project

Ukraine Pictures

Pastors Class - Chernyakhov, Ukraine

Pastors Photo -  Yuri  -   Ken   - Georgi  -  Vladimir  -  Anatoly  -   Nicolai

     The Pastors from Minsk Belarus joined us again and we met for our class and prayer time in Pastor Anatoly's home in Chernyakhov.  After touring the Chernyakhov building project and seeing the progress, the pastors studied the subject of "How does Christ's resurrection differ from the other resurrections in the Bible , ie. Lazarus?"  After a profitable study and prayer time, the men enjoyed a delicious meal provided by Anatoly's wife, Masha!   The fellowship was again a blessing to all who attended and tentatively our next meeting is planned for the first part of August 2014.


February  2014

Pastors Class - Zhytomyr, Ukraine

         Pastor Vladimir                              Pastor Georgi                                    Pastor Nicolai                                Pastor Yuri  

Pastor’s Meeting

Two pastors from Belarus and two pastors from Ukraine and I met for our quarterly pastors meeting. Pastor Anatoly was also on his way to the meeting but his van broke down.   Pastor Vladimir from Belarus brought a message from Corinthians  on the urgency of serving Christ.  His main point was that now is the time of salvation but also that now is the time to serve Christ with all our resources, hearts, energy and love.  Pastor Georgi from Belarus also presented to the men the finished copy of Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology which has been recently translated into Russian. This 3 year project is now producing fruit as it is being distributed to pastors and other interested Christians in Eastern Europe for the bargain price of $35 USD.  We hope to hold our next pastors meeting in April  in one of the rooms at the Chernyakhov church building.

                    Louis Berkhof - Systematic Theology - Russian Translation

February  2014

Special Needs Orphanage -  Nova Buwrosa, Ukraine

Nova Buwrosa Special Needs Orphanage

Pastor Anatoly and I along with a few others visited a special needs orphanage about 30 kilometers north of Chernyakhov, Ukraine.   This orphanage has over 100 children, ages 6 -35.  We were privileged to deliver 15 large boxes of clothing which some brethren from Rochester, NY had sent for the children. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with the children and young adults. Even though the whole orphanage was under a chicken pox quarantine, we exchanged many hugs, and the children were so eager to show us their rooms and their art work.   The government seems to adequately supply this orphanage with bare necessities.  When I asked the children, “ What would you like us to bring you next time we come?”  They said, “Candy! ”  and “Fruit!”   Speaking with one of the staff members, they mentioned they had a great need for more craft supplies.  This is evidently a very helpful activity for these special needs children but supplies are difficult to obtain in Ukraine.  We hope to visit them again this Spring.

                                                               Staff member at orphanage who directs children in their crafts


February  2014

Update on Chernyakhov Church Building, Ukraine

As the country of Ukraine is engulfed in a serious fight for freedom, two hours west of Kyiv, the Reformed Church in Chernyakhov is making rapid progress on their church building.     Using all the funds they receive for materials, the pastor and congregation have been very busy.  Using a small electric mixer,  concrete floors have been poured on the first floor.    A new door has been installed leading into the main sanctuary.  Much work has been done on ceilings, insulation and interior door ways.  The two interior doorways were a huge challenge as they each took more than a week to break through two foot granite walls using a pry bar and sledge hammer.

Walls are going up on the second floor for either Sunday School classes or rooms for future teams to stay in. 

Pastor Anatoly and the congregation are very grateful for all the support for this work and are trusting in God's providence that donations and support will come in to complete the work.

Some of the things the building still requires:  roof insulation - electrical wires  -  lighting  -  wall boards for interior walls and ceiling  - two interior staircases -  plumbing  -  bathroom fixtures  - exterior facade

Donations for this work should be made out to:  "Ukraine Building Project - RBC"
Please send all correspondence to:  Pastor Ken Sanders  33 Capron Road,  Westmoreland, NH 03467

February 2014

Congregation Meets In Pastors Home

                                    Congregation of  Chernyakhov Reformed Baptist Church, Ukraine


December 2013

The Birthpangs Of A Free Ukraine -  

The Ukrainian people are longing for freedom from corruption in government and for closer ties with the West.  They are a strong people as has been seen in their protests in Independence Square in the center of Kiev for a month.    It is not just a bad decision of government, an unwelcome taxation, or a political party that they are opposed to.   Rather they yearn to be free from years of entrenched and severe corruption which has exploded out of the seedbed of a Soviet dictatorship.   The protests in Kiev are not a new revolution but a continuation of a generational  spirit of the Ukrainian people longing to be free from oppression, manipulation and injustice.

December 2013

The Reformed Church Continues To Build -

Amid the understandable birthpangs of the Ukrainian nation, two hours west of Kiev in a relatively small village called Chernyakhov, Pastor Anatoly and his congregation continue to labor tiredlessly on a new church building.  The month of December has been a busy month as a new furnace and heating system was added.  A concrete floor now covers the radiant heat in the room where the worship services will be conducted.  All windows, doors and insulation are in place.  

The congregation is Ukrainian.  They speak Ukrainian.  They also with all their heart yearn for improved circumstances in their nation and village.    They would all rejoice if a government with integrity came to power.  Yet, the pastor and congregation know that Christ's kingdom is not of this world.   They know that there is a more urgent need for peace with God through the propitiation of Christ.  They believe that it is true saving faith in Jesus Christ that overcomes the world.   The small reformed church in Chernyakhov quietly but persistently works to turn an old Soviet grain mill into a place of worship.    They hope it will be a place for sinners to hear the gospel of life and peace. They pray that God will change the hearts of those whom He pleases.  They desire that it will be eventually a place to feed the poor and if God wills, provide orphanage care.

The project has received to date about 1/3 of projected finances to complete the building and work.   For more information visit the contact page or email 

Congregation cuts and prepares wood for heating

Sergei "feeds" the new furnace

A new concrete floor in the sanctuary   

New siding added by means of "home made" scaffolding


November 2013 

Chernyakhov, Ukraine

 Installation  of radiant heat in the floor of the future sanctuary - Mid November 2013



November 2013

Ukraine Mission Update - Building Project - Chernyakhov, UA

The church building project for the Reformed Baptist congregation in Chernyakhov, Ukraine under the
leadership of Pastor Anatoly Buynovsky is progressing well.   Through the hard work of the congregation and
pastor and through the financial donations of brethren from around the world, the  inside of the building has been
completely cleaned and prepared for concrete floors, walls and new doorways.  Also, the roof rafters have been entirely replaced and a beautiful new red metal roof has been installed.  Windows have been ordered as well as a furnace and heating system.  With new windows and heat, the congregation will be able to continue to work on the inside throughout the cold winter months and God willing, they hope to have their inaugural worship service in the Spring 2014.  The pastor and church want to express their most sincere and loving thanks to all who are praying, and financially supporting this work.

      New roof on future church building                                          A member of Pastor Anatoly's congregation

Pastor Anatoly welding scaffolding together                    New roof, reverse side



AUGUST  2013

Church Building Project  - Chernyahov, UA                   


Dear friends,

I have returned last week from Chernyahov, in Zhytomyr region of the Ukraine and want to update you on the progress of phase 1 of the building project for the Reformed Baptist church planted in that city.

 Let me begin by thanking those who gave finances.   I delivered $4,300 to the church.  With a small part of these funds we were able to purchase a cement mixer and other tools.  Most will be used for materials to install a new roof and windows in the future sanctuary and to install very basic electrical service.

 Pastor Anatoly Buynovsky and the congregation were so encouraged.  It took  months of perseverance by the pastor to purchase this old building due to the old soviet bureaucracy remaining in the Ukraine.  However, only two weeks before my visit, the paper work was finished and we had a wonderful Saturday work day in which about 20 people helped.  Pastor Anatoly gave testimony during the morning worship service at how the church at the present has a renewed sense of unity, sacrifice, love and willingness to work together. They feel it is a new beginning and an answer to five years of prayer for a building.   This small congregation remains committed to the distinctives of the 1689 London Baptist Confession in the midst of a predominantly Orthodox nation and where there are only a handful of reformed congregations.

I had the privilege of working with several men during the week and at the Saturday workday.  Our work included the disassembling of large  machines used previously in this former Mill for sifting grain. Also, the grounds were thoroughly cleaned, overgrown brush was removed and a huge amount of trash and vodka bottles were disposed of.   This unused building had for decades become  a  place for drunkards, drugs and a garbage heap.  As one of the men remarked while we were cleaning up,   “God is now turning this house of sin into a house of grace to sinners!” 

I believe God has in His goodness and providence blessed the beginning of this project in the Ukraine for this small congregation and their faithful pastor Anatoly Buynovsky.  With your financial help and desire to come along side us in this project, we will be able to purchase the materials necessary to complete phase 1 which will include a remodel of the outside, a basic remodel of the sanctuary room, heating and plumbing. Also a fence needs to be installed around the property.   All funds will be used to buy materials as the men of the church are gifted and willing to do all the labor.    Our original goal was  $10,000 for phase 1.  However, the need will be a little higher to purchase the fence.

I am writing to request you to consider coming along side us as a financial supporter.  I am planning to return to the Ukraine in November 2013 and hope to bring additional support.  I would welcome your help and any further questions. 

                                                            Sincerely,                    Pastor Ken Sanders

JUNE 2013

3 Phase - Church Building - Ministry Center - Christian Orphanage 

Old Building in Chernyahov, Ukraine recently purchased

Pastor  Ken Sanders visited the Zhitomir region of Ukraine April 17-25 and with God's Providence, plans are being laid to purchase an old building on the outskirts of Chernyahov, UA. If God wills, the purchase of this building with land attached would be the foundation for a 3 phase building program.

Phase 1 would be to restore the main building upstairs, with exterior and interior renovations. This first phase would provide a church building for the Reformed church that presently meets in a rented facility in Cheryahov.

Phase 2 would be to restore the downstairs with a kitchen, dining room and living space. This first floor would serve as a ministry center during the week - serving hot soup and bread - providing rooms for the needy and homeless and outreach to the community.

Phase 3 would be to restore an adjacent building and to build an addition to that building - providing bedrooms for orphans and laying the foundation for a Christian orphanage in Cheryahov.

The goal is to raise the finances for this project from contributions by those who share a desire to come along side these needy friends.

Pastor Anatoly has been praying about this project for 5 years. A man who owns several properties in this region has sold all his other properties but this particular piece of land and building have remained unsold up this present day. If God wills, we are hoping to be able to acquire this piece of property and begin renovations this coming summer. Summer mission teams will be able to participate in building projects on this site and help lay the foundation for a Reformed church building - ministry center - Christian orphanage.

It is our prayer to the God of grace and providence that He would put on the hearts of many, the desire to help in significant financial ways to make this goal a reality.

Architect's rendering of future building improvements


Pictures from Summer Mission Trips

Ukraine Mission Trip to an orphanage of special needs children  - Pastor Anatoly is standing on the right

Ukraine Trip 2012

Dear Friends,                                                                                                                         December 28, 2012

                I returned last week from a 10 day trip to the Zhitomir region of the Ukraine and God richly blessed my visits with the pastors and their families.  Due the financial support given for this trip, I was able to give generous gifts to the three pastors who serve Christ in this region.    I was also able to distribute additional funds to Pastor Anatoly Buynovsky who required snow tires for his van and a used diesel fuel pump to repair his engine.  There was also one Christian family with numerous medical needs to which I was able to minister with finances.  The timing of the trip was just perfect in God’s providence.  I believe the pastors and their families and churches were encouraged.

These Reformed believers in the Ukraine are the hardest working men and women you will ever meet. Their poverty and needs arise not due to a lack of a strong work ethic but due to their  oppressive post-Soviet government and  the absolutely terrible infra-structure in their society.  The average family income is about $400/month but many of the necessities of life are similar to the prices in the USA.  The price for four snow tires was $550 and a used fuel pump cost Pastor Anatoly $500. The medical practice available to the poor class is filled with poor practice and many stories of malpractice. Many important prescription drugs must be ordered from England or the USA.  The people are often discouraged in trying to find adequate medical help but have no alternatives.  I heard a story of one man who lost his leg due to a bad surgery. He was trying to take the doctor to court but the poor never win.  So now,  what can a one-legged man do in the Ukraine?  He can’t work. Most likely he will  become  like the countless millions in Ukraine who try to exist as a “pensioner” for the rest of his life, receiving about $120/month. 

While visiting these dear fellow believers, the verse from Galatians 6:10 came again and again to my mind, “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” 

As each gift of financial help was given on this trip,  tears often flowed down the faces of these fellow believers in Christ. To receive a gift of $200 or $500 is unbelievable to them!  I feel it is an exceedingly great privilege on many occasions to pass along finances to help them.    Their struggle is to just live and survive in a nation that is has so much corruption among the rich and so much oppression upon the poor.  Parents in the churches are thinking more and more that there exists no future for their children in Ukraine if they want to be honest in their work.  Many of them encourage their children to learn English. They think this will somehow increase their hopes for the future.

Though they live under such conditions, yet, their faith is growing and they testify of God’s faithfulness. They await the return of our faithful Savior Jesus Christ. They preach the gospel and long to see lives lost in sin, found by the Great Shepherd of the sheep!    They have so little, yet these Ukrainian brethren are so kind, loving, friendly, and hospitable!  On several occasions it moved me to tears. Truly, the words of James 2:5 are true of these fellow believers, “Hath not God chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?”

What do these poor Christians need from us?  Yes, they need our prayers. Yes, they need to grow in their faith and put their trust in God during their struggles.  However, they primarily need  financial help with basic needs which we easily take for granted.

 It is my prayer and hope for the days and years to come  that God may give many  generous hearts and hands to come along side our poor brethren in the Ukraine.

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Ken Sanders

This photo was taken in front of Pastor Anatoly’s house in village of Chernyakov.  When it snows, there are no snow plows in the villages. Many, many people walk miles in bitter cold temperatures  to get to work or the market. Some have horse drawn sleighs and wagons. Some have cars. A few have snow tires.   In the USA,  it is usually the rich who own horses.  In the Ukraine, the poor continue to farm with horses and use them for travel.  Truly, their horse is their entire livelihood.


Pastor Yuri Alexychuk pastors a church in Vilsk, Ukraine.  He has been faithfully serving Christ over ten years and works full time doing repairs in homes to support his family.  His work is infrequent and he often needs to resort to selling fruits, or vegetables on the street in order to bring a little income. During the winter months, it can be very difficult in Ukraine with little work prospects.   Pastor Yuri is a faithful young pastor and Lord's Day by Lord's Day preaches the gospel and reformed faith to the congregation.


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